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  • European Police Forcehas challenged Government’s vaccine mandate and Constitutional Court has slapped the Government with an injunction order
  • Several Indian public servants have welcomed this judgment
  • Great set back to vaccine syndicate and corrupt Government officials

    Courtesy: Slovenia Times
    In aground breaking move against vaccine syndicate’s sinister plan to enslave the people and public servants by making vaccination mandatory, the Nine Judge Bench of Constitutional Court of Slovenia, Europe has stayed the Government’s mandate for its employees to get vaccinated.The said mandate was challenged by several groups of civil servants including PSS police trade union.The court disagreed with the government’s claim that the challenged regulation was the only means to guarantee workers’ rights to a safe and healthy environment.Court held that, if the challenged regulation had been implemented and it later turned out it was unlawful or unconstitutional and would have to be annulled, the court said that‘hard to repair’ consequences could emerge for those employees who did not meet the PC condition or exceptions thereof.The court also noted that any vaccination is a lasting and irreversible measure for each individual and that in the case of the PC rule mandate, could go against the individual’s will. Thus it did not accept the government’s position that the regulation was of a temporary nature.The police trade union expects that the final decision of the court will be similar to the one taken by the court now.“We believe the decision puts up a mirror to the government due to the actions of which we are facing the country clearly regressing on fundamental legal and democratic standards,” Cvetko said.They believe the government should be the first to respect the constitution. “If not, it means the rights of all the citizens, that is including police officers, are under threat.”The Union expects the government to take decisions affecting the rights of all employees in the country in a more prudent way in the future and in the spirit of social partnership.The Union welcomed the decision, with its boss RokCvetko saying that the court prevented the government from encroaching on human rights and freedoms, not only of police officers but also of other state administration employees and other citizens.[Courtesy: The Slovenia Times]Link:

    Following landmark judgments are passed worldwide, by the Constitution loving and brilliant judges, against the vaccines, RT-PCR Test and Mask Mandates:

i) Darris Friend Vs. City of Gainesville Case No. 01-2021-CA-2412.

View the Judgment here 

ii) Registrar General Vs. State of Meghalaya 2021 SCC OnLineMegh 130.

View the Judgment here 

iii) Re Dinthar Incident Vs. State of Mizoram 2021 SCC OnLineGau 1313.

View the Judgment here

iv) Margarida Ramos De Almeida 1783/20.7T8PDL.L1-3.

View the Judgment here

The other landmark judgments preserving and protecting the one’s personal autonomy and right to choose or refuse medicines are as under;

i)Common Cause v. Union of India (2018) 5 SCC 1.

ii) ArunaRamachandraShanbaug v. Union of India, (2011) 4 SCC 454.

iii)S. Puttuwamy v. Union of India (2017) 70 SCC 7.

iv) Montgomerry v. Lanarshire Health Board[2015] UK SC 11.

v) Webster v. Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust[2017] EWCA Civ 62.

vi)Airedale N.H.S. Trust v. Bland(1993) 1 All ER 821 [9 Judge bench] (followed in India).

vii) OsbertKhaling v. State of Manipur2021 SCC OnLine Mani 234.

viii) MadanMili v. UOI 2021 SCC OnLineGau 1503.

ix) Varghese v. Union of India2020 SCC OnLineKar 2825.

x) Master Haridaan Kumar (Minor through Petitioners Anubhav Kumar and Mr. AbhinavMukherji) v. Union of India,P.(C) 343/2019 & CM Nos.1604-1605/2019.

xi) Baby Veda Kalaan& Others v. Director of Education & Others P.(C) 350/2019 & CM Nos. 1642-1644/2019

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