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 There is a sharp rise in the number of instances wherein litigants and witnesses blatantly lie in the courts, while they are expected to state the truth on oath! Similarly there are several cases of false complaints being lodged with the police and in the courts by unscrupulous persons who try to abuse the legal machinery to reap personal gains.

The law regarding action to be taken in case of such false complaints and false affidavits is very well settled, but not many people are aware of this.

This book is a first of its kind that offers the model drafts of petitions/applications to be filed in the court in order to initiate action against dishonest litigants who create false evidence, distort the existing evidence on record and twist the material facts.

This book contains full text judgments of around hundred case laws and some case notes, which are compiled to serve as a handy solution to tackle all possible challenges which are normally faced by the advocates, judges and common people involved in the litigation.