YouTube restores the deleted channel after apologizing for its mistake soon after it receives legal notice

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YouTube restores the deleted channel after apologizing for its mistake soon after it receives legal notice

  • YouTube restores the channel showing‘vaccine side effects’, after apologizing for its mistake upon receiving legal notice.
  • Vaccine mafia and corrupt Task Force members suffer a severe setback.
  • Another victory for the Indian Bar Association (IBA) and Awaken India Movement (AIM).
  • A case is likely be filed on YouTube for penalty to the tune of Rs. 1000 crores. (Approx. US $135 million)
  • It’s a great relief to researchers and truth seekers around the world.

In order to cause undue benefit to the vaccine mafia, YouTube and other social media have been working to erase all videos and wipe out all information against the Corona vaccine since the beginning of corona pandemic.

Due to this, the videos of researchers, social workers, doctors, scientists, et al., who were trying their best to expose the fraud and side effects of corona vaccines through the YouTube and other social media, could not reach the common man. Mr. Virendra Singh, a social activist associated with Rajiv Dixit Abhiyan, too became the victim of such injustice. His YouTube channel was deleted by the YouTubefor exposing the fatal side effects of vaccines. Mr. Virendra Singh decided to fight against this fraudulent act and approached the National President of Indian Bar Association, Adv. Nilesh Ojha and sent a legal notice to YouTube, through IBA’s Adv. Abhishek Mishra.

The notice sought legal action against YouTube and Google CEO, Mr. SundarPichai along with other officers of Google and YouTube under Sections 500, 501, 120(B), 34 etc. of Indian Penal Code and Contempt of Court.And notice demanded thatMr. Virendra Singh be compensated with the amount of Rs. 1000 crores. (Approx. US $135 million)

The notice has also levied charges of involvement of YouTube in the conspiracy of mass murders of public by blocking the correct information and running only false narratives that the vaccines are completely safe and are the sole solution against Corona. Because of the said conspiracy, many people took the vaccines and died due to side effects of vaccines. The relevant provisions attracted against YouTube are Section 115, 302, 304, 120 (B), 34, 52, 109 etc. of IPC where the punishment is either death penalty or minimum of life imprisonment.

The notice clarified that YouTube’s work is illegal and violates his client’s right to freedom of speech, which is guaranteed under Article 19 of the Indian Constitution, as well as it is in violation of the rights of the people of the country to obtain accurate information.YouTube has acted in disobedience of the orders of the Supreme Court and the High Court, which protects the freedom of speech and right to know.

Apart from that, YouTube has also violated Article 18 of the UNO Rule – ‘Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights 2005’, which provides for a specific section to encourage the people to discuss and share their views related to every drug and medical treatment.

In addition to this, YouTube has been running one-sided news in support of the Corona vaccines and have been misleading people that vaccines are completely safe and the only option for curing Corona.YouTube is encouraging everyone to get vaccinated and it’s resulting in many deaths of people. YouTube and Google are considered as co-accused in the conspiracy to kill people and helping the conspiracy of the accused who attempted mass murders and other multiplication against people. Hence, all YouTube and Google officials are also liable to be charged and punished under section 120 (B) of Indian Penal Code and under section 10 of the Evidence Act, which provides for the death penalty and life imprisonment.

As soon as the notice was received, YouTube sent an email on November 6, 2021 tendering its apology by admitting its mistake. YouTube has also restoredMr. Virendra Singh’s YouTube channel. This email by YouTube has further strengthened the case of Mr. Virendra Singh. By attributing this victory to all members of the “Awaken India Movement” and “Indian Bar Association”, Mr. Virendra Singh has expressed hope that the correct information will now reach people and the vaccine mafia will soon be jailed.

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