YouTube & Google slapped with Rs. 1000 Crores compensation and contempt notice, for acting against the law and the Constitution in order to help the vaccine syndicate.

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YouTube & Google slapped with Rs. 1000 Crores compensation and contempt notice, for acting against the law and the Constitution in order to help the vaccine syndicate.

The notice is sent by renowned Social Activist and Awaken India Movement’s member Shri. Virendra Singh through his advocate.

YouTube has deleted videos of many researchers, doctors, activists and citizens which were regarding the frauds, malpractices and illegalities by the vaccine syndicate. Also, the videos were regarding awareness of public about the fatal side effects.

Recently German High Court fined YouTube with 1,00,000 Euros. In another case of misinformation campaign, the U.S. Court recorded the guilt of Glaxo Smith Kline where the company agreed to pay $ 3 Billion (around Rs. 2278 Crore).

The present notice sent by Adv. Abhishek Mishra says that the act of YouTube is not only against the Constitution of India and binding judgment of Supreme Court and High Court but also against the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights, 2005 and International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights.

YouTube and Google are said to have joined the conspiracy to remove the information exposing malpractices of vaccine syndicate and additionally running a misinformation campaign to promote the vaccine as safe and the ‘only solution’ to cure Covid-19 infection.

That, YouTube involved in a conspiracy to suppress the data and run only one false narrative that vaccines are safe and only solution. In furtherance of the said sinister plan, YouTube at their own have uploaded many videos of several‘captured’ doctors to spread misinformation that ‘vaccines are completely safe and the only available complete solution against the Covid-19.

Falsity of its advertisements, interviews, false narratives and conspiracy theories have been exposed from the following;

(i) Vaccine is not a solution against corona since people who are getting two doses of vaccine are also infected with corona and some of them have died.

(ii) Vaccines are not safe at all and vaccines are having several side effects including death.



(iii) The immunity developed in the person due to his/her coming in contact of SARS-CoV-2 is far superior than the vaccines. It is at least 13 times superior than the immunity developed due to vaccines


Natural immunity 13 times more effective than vaccine immunity

However, YouTube runs unilateral and false narrative and have always tried its level best to suppress and conceal the true information from common people. This is in fact an offence of luring the people to take medicine by misrepresenting the public at large. It is an offence punishable under section 420 r/w 120(B) & 340 of I.P.C.

That Hon’ble Meghalaya High Court in Registrar General, High Court of Meghalaya Vs. State of Meghalaya 2021 SCC OnLineMegh 130, ruled by High Court as under;

Thus, by use of force or through deception if an unwilling capable adult is made to have the „flu vaccine would be considered both a crime and tort or civil‟ wrong.”  

In the notice sent by Social Activist Virendra Singh the YouTube, Google are called upon to;

33.That the offences committed by You Noticee  are continuing ones and my client’s defamation is still going on. 

  1. Hence, you are hereby called upon to;

 (i) Publish an apology on Facebook / Youtube / Twitter.
(ii) Pay my client a compensation of Rs. 1000 Crores for defamation through Demand Draft(DD) within 7 days of receipt of this notice.
(iii) Remove restriction and restore the videos forthwith.
(iv) Immediately stopping the misinformation campaign run by you with ulterior motives to help the vaccine mafias and cheat the public and thereby putting citizens’ life into jeopardy.
(v) Immediately stopping the Contempt of Hon’ble Supreme Court and Hon’ble various High Courts in India.
(vi) To immediately start respecting & following the Constitution of India and our country’s domestic laws and also to act as per United Nations Universal Declaration on Bioethics, 2005 & International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights.

The notice also states that, the notice is independent of and given by reserving the issuer’s rights to initiate criminal prosecutions under sec. 499, 500, 501, r/w 120(B), 34 etc. of Indian Penal Code and under Section 12 of Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 r/w Article 129, 215 of the Constitution of India in the competent courts and even if YouTube pays compensation amount of Rs. 1,000 Crores will not permit them in law, for claiming discharge or exoneration from prosecution.

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