Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya served with the Contempt Notice

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Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya served with the Contempt Notice

Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviyahas beencalled upon to immediately remove the members from the decision-making board, Task Force, etc. who are associated directly or indirectly with the vaccine and pharma mafia or getting funds from black listed entities such as Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH), Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation(BMGF), Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) etc.

As per law laid down by the Supreme Court, any person sitting in a Government body and who is authorized to take a decision should not have any direct or indirect relations with the beneficiary companies.

If any decision was taken by the committee of such members then the saiddecision stands vitiated because of pecuniary bias.
The persons spotted are Dr. BalramBhargav, Dr. V. K. Paul, Gagandeep Kang, Dr. RandeepGuleria etc.

The notice also asked Shri. Mansukh Mandaviya to recall, withdraw, quash and set aside all recommendations, suggestions, rules, mask mandates et al. given by such disqualified members and  lodge F.I.R. against the accused members who provided wrong and nonsensical recommendations for ulterior purposes of giving wrongful profits to vaccine and pharma companies and loss to 135 crore Indians.

The subject of the Notice reads thus;

To forthwith stop the contempt of law laid down by Hon’ble Supreme Court and follow the law and binding precedents of Constitution Bench of Hon’ble Supreme Court, and Hon’ble High Courts more particularly in the case of ;

(i)       Mineral Development Ltd. Vs State (1960) 2 SCR 609.

(ii)     A.K. Kraipak Vs. Union of India (1969) 2 SCC 262,

(iii)    State of Punjab Vs. Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar (2011) 14 SCC 770,

(iv)   Suresh PalandeVs. Govt. of Maharashtra 2015 SCC OnLineBom 6775.


  • Remove the persons/bureaucrats, members of the Task Force etc. from any decision-making process related with remedies and solutions regarding Covid-19 pandemic, who are directly or indirectly connected with any entity, NGO or Board that receives funds from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, PATH, PHFI, where sole agenda is to reap profits for the vaccine manufacturers;
  • Issue immediate direction as per law laid down by the Constitution Bench of Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of Mineral Development Ltd. Vs State (1960) 2 SCR 609,there by directing to all authorities not to follow, the illegal, unconstitutional, unscientific and nonsensical circulars and orders based on the recommendations and suggestions regarding vaccination, masks, RT-PCR test etc., issued by these disqualified members;
  • Issue directions for forthwith removal and withdrawl of all the false, misleading and illegal advertisements, caller tunes, Questions and Answers (FAQs) published by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on the basis of recommendations given by members who are in the disqualified category as per law laid down by Hon’ble Supreme Court.
  • Immediate direction to protect the rights of covid cured citizens who are safest person as their immunity is proved to be 13 times better than fully vaccinated people and the citizen who are covid cured or having natural immunity developed due to contract with corona are entitled for relief from covid appropriate behavior before vaccinated people.

(v)   Issue specific directions after enquiry to all the authorities to not to allow to take part in any of the meetings or decision making process the following person who are in the category of disqualified:

 (i) Prof. K. Shrinath Reddy,

 (ii) Dr. Cherry Gagandeep Kang,

(iii) Dr. Balram Bhargava,

(iv) Shri. V.K. Paul,

(v) Dr. SoumyaSwaminathan ,

(vi) Dr. RandeepGuleria,

(vii) Dr. K. Vijay Raghvan,

(viii) Dr. N.K. Arora ;

and others as mentioning in para 14 of this notice.

(vi) Direction to prohibit the members of ICMR, PATH, PHFI, BMGF etc., who found prima facie guilty by the Parliamentary Committee in 72ndReport and based on the evidences given in this notice from participating any board or body dealing with the corona management.

(vii)   Direct prosecution u/s 51(b) of Disaster Management Act, 2005 against all the entities and all the persons who are directly or indirectly forcing the people to take vaccines or restricting their entries on the ground of non-vaccination.

(viii) Directions to authorities to not to publish misleading advertisements, slogans and publish correct fact that vaccines are not completely safe but having many side effects and vaccines are not solution or there is no guarantee that citizens will not get corona and the person taking vaccine may die due to corona.

(ix)    Directions to authorities to issue circulars to all State Governments and Central Government entities to not to conduct RTPCR/RAT Test of asymptotic and healthy persons.

(x)Direction to authorities to not to draw any conclusions or not to take any policy decisions of lockdown or quarantine on the basis of RTPCR/RAT Test and only use the Gold Standard test of ‘Virus Culture’ for taking any policy decisions or recommendations etc.

(xi)     Give directions to all authorities to issue circulars, advertisements et al to make public aware that:

(a) Natural immunity caused due to Contract with Covid-19 is more than13 times better than the person fully vaccinated and such people are most safest persons. They will not get corona again and they cannot spread infection.

(b)  Wearing mask is voluntary and there is no scientific proof that masks can prevent infection. And the healthy or asymptomatic people need not to wear mask. Also publish the scientific studies regarding damage caused to the lungs and also other side effects of wearing masks.

(xii) Give wide publicity and proper support to the following result oriented remedies and treatments which are having far more efficacy than vaccines and not having no side effects with zero deaths as compared with many side effects and deaths due to vaccines:-

  1. i)Naturopathy’s – Three step Fluid Diet as formulated by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhary and verified by National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune.
  2. ii)Anandia’sAyurvedic ‘K’ medicine as verified & approved by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh and confirmed by the Hon’ble Andhra Pradesh High Court.

iii) Ayurvedic& yoga treatment as suggested by Baba Ramdev.

  1. The point wise frauds and issues with proofs exposed by the sender of Notice as under;

2.1. Duty of every citizen under Article 51 (a) of the Constitution of India.

2.2. ICMR survey exposed the non-efficacy of vaccines and also falsity of Health Ministry’s claim.

2.3. Any person including Ministers, who are receiving salary is public servant and he is bound to act fairly, impartially and only for the welfare of the nation. any deviation and misappropriation of public funds by misuse of power is punishable under Section 409 of IPC having punishment up to life imprisonment.

2.4. Law of disqualification of any person from taking part in process, who is interested in someone’s profit and their agenda.

2.5. Even if there is a single member who is partial and interested and there are other members who are impartial then also it vitiates and invalidate their recommendations, suggestions and all actions.

2.6. Failure to follow the law of disqualification and taking interested person makes such authority and Ministers liable for action under section 166, 218, 219,511, 120 (B) & 34 etc. of IPC and contempt of Supreme Court and various High Courts in India.

2.7. The Person/Minister joining the unlawful acts subsequently is also liable for same offences as that of principal offender.

2.8. Proofs exposing links of members of National Task Force with vaccine mafia Bill Gates and Others.

2.9. Conflicts of Interest and also criminal conspiracy in India’s Public Health System.

2.10. Unlawful & unconstitutional partnership or collaboration with LLP or any private entity like PHFI, PATH et al.

2.11. As per Supreme Court judgment the honest members of body or Task Force who opposed the wrong, illogical and irrational decisions of the Task Force should not be prosecuted. But the members who did not opposed the unlawful activities should be arrested and don’t deserve bail.

2.12. Misuse and fraud on power by corrupt, intellectually dishonest members of task force in giving recommendations, suggestion and in formulating rules which will cause wrongful gain to vaccine companies and having dangerous impact of various losses to citizen including loss of life and life time disabilities, loss of business and livelihood.

2.13. Dishonesty and fraud in bringing mask mandate.

2.14. Fraud and dishonest decisions of RTPCR Test of asymptomatic persons.

2.15. Intentionally & deliberately suppressing the result of Sero survey which proved that around 70% of Indians have got natural immunity due to contract with Covid Sars-2 and they are the safest person and they cannot be asked to follow restrictions or to take vaccines because the immunity developed due to contract with corona (Covid-19) is more than 13 times better than the immunity developed due to vaccines.

2.16. Fraudulently, corruptly &malafidely running the false narratives and conspiracy theories of asymptomatic patients without any scientific data and proofs.

2.17. Study and reasoning on dangerous viruses found in healthy people.

2.18. Conspiracy and fraud to suppress the economical and highly effective medicines and remedies such as Ivermectin, Vitamin-D, Hydroxychloroquine, Naturopathy, Ayurveda et al. to show that there is no remedy and medicines to cure corona and this was done to serve their ulterior purposes of getting emergency use authorization (EUA) to the vaccines whose clinical trials are not completed and there were no proofs of its efficacy and its side effects were not studied properly as mandated in medical science.

2.19. Attempt to violate fundamental rights of citizens by forcing them to take vaccines and committing offences under section 323, 336, 115, 302, 304 etc., of I.P.C.

2.20. Misappropriation of around thousands of crores on vaccines and RTPCR tests.

2.21. Conspiracy to bring vaccine mandate for children’s to give wrongful profit of thousands of crores to vaccine companies.

2.22. All the report and recommendation of the ICMR and other bodies cannot be the basis for any conclusion or recommendations because they are based on the result of test of RT-PCR at 35 Cycle Threshold (CT) which is having false positive rate of 97%. Therefore, any recommendation about efficacy of vaccines or lockdown or anything is not permissible on the basis of the results of RT-PCR Test.

2.23. Parliamentary Committee’s 72nd report exposing corruption by ICMR and other officials involved in conspiracy to help vaccine syndicate sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and also responsible for offences of murder of female children. Supreme Court judgment upholds the evidentiary value of Parliamentary CommitteeReport.

2.24. Recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee asking for investigation and legal action against Bill Gates and officials of ICMR.

2.25. [a] Earlier attempt by accused who official to declare false pandemic:

[b] The H1N1 swine flu pandemic was “fake,” and its threat to human health was hyped, and that World Health Organisation’s (WHO) policies were influenced by vaccine manufacturers who benefited from the pandemic virus. Swine flu, Bird flu ‘never happened’: Probe into H1N1 ‘false pandemic’.

2.26. Fake Epidemics Created in the Past due to RT-PCR Misuse.

2.27. [A] National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) recommendations vitiated in view of law laid down by Hon’ble Supreme Court in A. K. Kraipak’s case (supra) because of having disqualified members.

[B] Dishonesty and falsity in NTAGI’s declaration on conflict of interest.

2.28. Direction for enquiry as to under what provision of law the government had given a funding of Rs. 100 crores to PHFI and enquiry as to where and how the said funds were utilized.

2.29. Deliberate attempt to suppress the most effective Three Step Fluid Diet given by world’s renowned naturopath Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chaudhary which is verified by  Government of India’s AYUSH Ministry’s National Institute of Naturopathy Pune and having far better result than vaccines and having no side effects and Zero deaths.

2.30. Co- Conspirator, Social & main stream media’s role to help the accused to complete their sinister plan.

2.31. In addition to above said offences, the accused ‘print and social media’ persons stopping, prohibiting or deleting the information are also liable for punishment under section 12 of Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 r/w  Article 129 and 215 of Constitution of India for acting in willful disregard and defiance of binding precedent of Hon’ble Supreme Court and various High Courts in India.

2.32. Act of stopping, hiding, removing, suppressing, concealing and twisting material facts from any patient/citizen and leaving him no option but to adopt the option of dangerous vaccines is a preparation of offence mass murder of the people at large as defined under section 115, 511 of IPC.

2.33. Chronology of offences committed by accused as per their conspiracy to commit mass murders i.e. genocide for creating market for unapproved vaccines by accused Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation and other vaccine syndicates.

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