July 27, 2021

Launch of Ayurvedic Dataset on CTRI Portal along with 4 portals and publications

July 26, 2021

Why Is The CDC Quietly Abandoning The PCR Test For COVID?

July 25, 2021

CDC Revokes Emergency Use Authorisation To RT-PCR For COVID-19 Testing

July 25, 2021

Naturopathy based protocol for COVID treatment approved by NIN, AYUSH Ministry, Dr Biswaroop & Guru Manish announce integrated medical sciences hospital

July 22, 2021

Dr Fauci Faces 5 Years In Prison For Lying To Congress About Funding Gain-of-function Research At Wuhan Lab

July 22, 2021

Spectroscopy analysis reveals 99.5% graphene oxide in Moderna vaccination vial

July 21, 2021

Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing

July 19, 2021

18 of 60 adverse effects examined linked to COVID-19 vaccines: AEFI committee report

July 19, 2021

Zelenko: Arrest Schwab, Soros, Fauci

July 19, 2021

British doctor Peter Daszak who tried to gag Wuhan lab leak theory is FIRED from UN commission investigating COVID after he was exposed for organizing letter denying leak claim in The Lancet medical journal

July 18, 2021

In a fresh report, national AEFI panel confirms 55 severe adverse events after COVID-19 shots

July 12, 2021

Interview with Nick Hudson from Pandemics Data & Analytics (PANDA)

July 10, 2021

Important Judgment exposing corona fraud.

July 10, 2021

Don’t Fool with the Diversity of Mother Nature

July 09, 2021

Dr David Martin | Dr Reiner Fuellmich

July 06, 2021

COVID Vax, KIDS & CONSENT: A Redline to the Rubicon

July 05, 2021

Minister of Ayush Shri Kiren Rijiju launches five Important Portals on Ayush sector
“All Ayush stakeholders to be benefited by these initiatives”

July 04, 2021

Breaking- “Restriction On Unvaccinated Persons For Leaving From Their Houses, Debarring Them From Earning Livelihood,Violative Of Art 14,19 and 21”: Gauhati High Court

July 02, 2021

Uttar Pradesh smashed Delta+ with Ivermectin, says Australia MP Craig Kelly

June 28, 2021

Dr. Bryan Ardis Exclusive Interview

June 28, 2021

Medicine Cabinet members Peter McCullough, MD, MPH and Harvey Risch, MD, PhD return to the Ingraham Angle to debunk the fear mongering over the Delta variant, the most treatable and mild variant.

June 25, 2021

US Confirms Wuhan Virus Sequences Were Removed From Database

June 24, 2021

72-Year-Old UK Man Tested Covid Positive For 10 Straight Months

June 24, 2021

Covid-19: PPIM lodges report against MoH for not using Ivermectin

June 24, 2021

Ivermectin Authorized in Indonesia as Pharma Issued License for Production to Battle COVID-19

June 23, 2021

Now, Oxford University to study Ivermectin as possible treatment for Covid

June 22, 2021

MAECC urges govt to use parasitic drug Ivermectin

June 19, 2021


June 16, 2021

Republicans introduce bill to fire Anthony Fauci, face of US Covid response

June 15, 2021

The mechanisms of action of Ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2: An evidence-based clinical review article

June 14, 2021

ICMR eyes trial to study efficacy of therapies used in Covid treatment

June 16, 2021

National AEFI Committee reports first COVID-19 vaccine related death in India

May 31, 2021

Criminal Investigation Opened Against Swiss ‘National Covid-19 Science Task Force’ for committing Covid Fraud

April 06, 2021

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine

April 01, 2021

The Ugly Truth About The Covid-19 Lockdowns

Feb 17, 2021

Interview | Me Virginie de Araujo-Recchia : lawyer at the Paris Bar